Summer School is on For 2020

Summer School is on For 2020
The Ministry of Education gave a warning to schools that there should be strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols to stop the spread of the virus because some schools started summer schools today.
Speaking with New a yaad today , the ministry director of corporate communications, Colin Steer, said all measures that were in place in early June when CXC and CSEC students returned to school for preparations for the upcoming external exams.
He stated the classes is being held with permission from the Government, who declared all schools closed in March under the Disaster Risk Management Act which state: Every educational institution shall remain closed until the end of September 6, 2020, It further said that all school should move to online classes.
"Parlement had granted approval for summer schools to be held for orientation for fresh students and for those who may have some remedial summer classes," Steer said.
"I know sometimes, I can't speak for all. Some schools have advertised for summer classes, but they are restricting the number of students they would admit. He also any school needing information and guidance should contact the ministry for information on how to proceed.
Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) President Owen Speid urged all involved to proceed, but with caution.
“If you look at the number of cases [of the virus] coming in, you find that the numbers are indicating that there is not much community spread; whether it is true or false, I think there is a reduction in the level of fear that was there a couple of months ago. So on that count we would like to say to our staff, our schools, our parents, our children, that they should not become complacent because we don't want a resurgence of the virus,” he
The JTA, said Speid, was not opposed to the classes being held.
“As long as they comply with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education's regulations, then we don't have an issue. We are here to support our members — the teachers, the principals and schools — in trying to give quality service to their clients who are the children of this country; so we are okay with them doing it as long as they abide by the regulations,” Speid said.
“As long as the Ministry of Health is comfortable then the JTA cannot overrule it. We are just here to support the schools and their staff because, especially the new children who are coming into the schools; they need that kind of orientation before you have the real big reopening in September. They need that kind of orientation in the new setting,” said Speid.