Portland Getting Ready For Hurricane Clean Up

Portland Getting Ready For Hurricane Clean Up

The Mayor of Port Antonio Paul Thompson said it will cost the Portland Municipal around $8.9 Million to carry out major clean-up work in the parish.

He says most of the spending will be done on cleaning up the gullies and drain in the area of Buff Bay which is prone to flooding.

Mayor Thompson said sections of the Buff Bay valley, and St Margaret Bay will tend to because they are prone to flooding and landslides

The MP has disclosed that a sum $2 Million has been spent so far to do minor clean up in the Buff Bay area and environs,

He said that the Parish Hurricane preparations is in its final stage and almost completed.

When taking office back in 2016 Mayor Paul Thompson vows to clean up the parish and the pile-up of garbage and to make the town a more attractive tourist destination.

He said that the emergency shelters are on standby for any hurricanes and the shelter managers are on high alert to deal with any disaster.

Mayor Thompson also said more than 80 shelters have been identified and are ready to accommodate residents, who may need to use them in the event of a disaster.