Man Charged For Harboring a Criminal

Man Charged For Harboring a Criminal

A mechanic was arrested for harboring a criminal after the police got a tip that escapee Michael Rowe otherwise call Ranbo was hiding out at his home.

Charged was Nathan Brown 28 of Charles Street Buff Bay, he was charged after police did a search of his premises.

Micheal Rowe escaped from the Hunts Bay Police lock-up on June 12 2020 with 8 other prisoners where 5 has already been recaptured.

Another escapee Jason Henry was also recaptured in a police operation in Waterford and he was taken into custody and charged.

Marcus Webb otherwise call ‘Gaza Boy’ is the only remaining escapee to be captured and is urged to turn himself in as soon as possible and anyone who is harboring him will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The JCF said that the 8 men escaped by breaking a gate and climb of the wall last Friday night one was caught immediately while 4 was captured in various area in a 3 day period

One was killed in an alleged shootout with the police