Landslide in Portland Damages Houses and Block Roads

Landslide in Portland Damages Houses and Block Roads

Buff Bay, Portland:

A Family of Eight people is now crying out for help after the house they were living was swept away by a huge landslide around 8 p.m Sunday night in the district of Cool Shade Portland.

The nightmare started around 4  p.m when Sonia Roper saw heavy muddy water started to run into the house and they made the decision to evacuate to next door to their neighbors' house to seek help in getting stuff out of their house.

Sonia, i just can't stay here and that's when she decided to go over to her neighbors and in less than an hour a loud rumble and the house crush down the hill, luckily no one was inside

Sonia said "right now I just want to move from this area and it makes no sense in rebuilding because next to the same thing might happen and next time we might no be lucky that we are out of the house, my family life is more important right now.

The entire five-bedroom house is swept down the hill and asking for any help and assistant in relocating and rebuilding she said she's asking for the government for some assistant.

According to Sonia, with no assistance from any family, she has to basically fend for herself

It hasn't rained in over 7 months and the rain was welcomed because it would have ended the 7 months long drought but just too much at once, Sonia said, she jokingly said at least she could have a bath now because water will be running in the pipes but no bathroom to bathe.