JPS is Under Probe From The OUR

JPS is Under Probe From The OUR

The (OUR) Office of Utilities Regulation with instructions of the Jamaican Energy minister Fayval Williams to investigate customer's reports of receiving a high electricity bill from March to June 2020.

Many customers complained they have seen a huge increase in bills over the past couple of months since the Government implement a COVID-19 lockdown even though they did not increase their use of appliances in their household the OUR said.

Where the customers agreed there will a little increase but the increase is too high for the short time they been home.

The Office of Utilities Regulation said it has received thousands of complaints from customers of Jamaica Public Service via calls, letters, and emails, there was even an online petition with over 5,000 signatures.

For example, complaints via social media sites have been increased by 1,690 percent, calls and email increased by 290 percent between January to March bill cycle and April to June bill cycle.

The Energy Minister Fayval Williams wrote to JPS in April 2020 about the matter and requesting information namely if the JPS received complaints about significant increases in energy bills from March to June and if so all the areas the complaints are coming from also the findings in the report.

JPS responded saying there was only a 45 percent increase in complaints by its customers between January to June bill cycle compared to 2019 corresponding period with most of the complaints coming from residential customers

The information provided by JPS also gave rise to additional questions.

The regulator wrote JPS again June for clarification and additional information in the meantime the OUR will monitor and take note of additional complaints on various social media and email