Dancehall Rygin King Shot, In Critical Condition

Dancehall Rygin King Shot, In Critical Condition

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has reported that a dancehall artiste Rygin King and several people were shot leaving a river trip with his family and manager.

He was released from the operating theatre after being shot three times by unknown assailants in Westmoreland after he was chased down into a gutter where he got away.

The JCF also reported that a woman who is the manager girlfriend was also killed in the incident

The Jamaica Constabulary Force is still investigating the incident and its not so clear on to what was the motive for the shooting.

The Officer on duty says they were looking into leads and calling around to get further information on who carried out the shooting.

It was Reported that Rygin King born Matthew Smith, His Baby Mother, and His Mangers Family went to a river trip and they left his manager was driving behind him and he didn't see him, when he called his manager his manager said someone hit his car, he turn around and meet up with his manager and was standing on the side of the road when men in a mother vehicle stop and open fire on the crowd  and then speeding off

Born Matthew Smith, Rygin King hails from Montego Bay and has been pursuing music professionally since he left high school. He has known songs including How Mi Grow, Tuff, and Things Gon Change.